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To join our club or sign up for lessons, send an e-mail inquiry to You will receive an application form that you will need to complete and return to us.


Annual Karate Association Licence fee: £20.

Monthly Club Tuition fee : £23-50.

(weekly one and a half hour lesson)


Private lessons: members £15/hour; non-members £20/hour.

(Training area to be arranged by you)

Group lessons: 10-week course, 2 hours a week - 

(Venue to be arranged and price per person)

Code of Conduct


With all martial arts comes the responsibility of learning and following the rules, customs and traditions of that art and of the school where you train.
Students of the Shinji-Ru Karate Association are expected to follow the below rules to the best of their abilities.
Transgressions will be dealt with according to their severity.

General Conduct:

1. Students are expected to present themselves for training on time and to pay for their training prior to the class.
2. Students are expected to maintain a high degree of personal hygiene for their own benefit and for the benefit of their training partners.

This includes a clean and pressed gi.
3. Students must have short or well-trimmed finger and toe nails.
4. Student membership must be kept current. If you are not insured then you will not be allowed to train or grade.
5. While representing the Association, students will be polite and show courtesy and respect to the members of other martial arts schools.
6. Students will not use their physical training outside of the training hall unless they believe themselves to be in danger.

Training Etiquette:

1. Students are required to wear the belt appropriate to their grade and style whilst training.
2. Instructors may be addressed as Sempai, Sensei. The Association Chief Instructor may be addressed as Shihan.
3. Students will bow to the training hall upon entering it and again upon leaving.
4. Students will bow to the training area or matt upon entering it and again upon leaving.
5. Abusive or foul language will not be tolerated in any form.
6. When receiving a weapon from another individual the weapon should only be relinquished after it has been acknowledged.
7. Students will only practice the techniques demonstrated to them by the club instructors.
8. Courtesy when speaking to one another is essential, as a rough guide do not speak over another student or an instructor,

if you have a question then raise your hand.
9. If you need to leave the training area ask for permission from an instructor.
10. Children who join the classes are expected to behave in an orderly fashion appropriate to their age. (Minimum age is 6 except by special arrangement).
11. Students with a prior injury or a disability must report this to the instructors before the beginning of the lesson,

any incidents or injury must be reported to the club instructor immediately.

Disciplinary Procedure

The Association reserves the right to suspend or expel any student for transgression of policy, etiquette or behavior. Students who are disciplined have no right to any refund of fees relating to insurance, grading, class fees or any other monetary exchange with the Association or club or its officers.

Students who are expelled from a style may seek a review of their case by the Chief Instructor; disciplinary procedures instigated or upheld by the Chief Instructor are immutable.